How Ayurveda Can Help You Overcome Slip Disc: A Complete Guide

    How Ayurveda Can Help You Overcome Slip Disc: A Complete Guide

    First of all, after knowing the general information about the panacea treatment of slip disc, you will be able to know very well about slip disc, how Ayurveda medicines, Panchkarma therapy, yogic methods and natural methods can easily cure slip disc. treatment becomes possible.

    Further in this article, we will tell you that very easily there is a panacea treatment for slip disc, as well as in a very short time, due to which people who have had slip disc in hindi are well aware of its pain, how painful it is. | After knowing the experience of the patients recovering here, it is known that how bad the pain is due to slip disc. You will know further in detail about the symptoms of slip disc, Ayurvedic treatment, precautions, etc. –

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    Slip Disc Symptoms:

    Spine has an important role in maintaining the balance of the body of all living beings. The spine consists of vertebrae, which are connected to each other by very soft discs. These tiny vertebrae are cushioned by a flexible, jelly-like thick fluid that aids in body movement. If there is any kind of disturbance in these, due to applying extra pressure on the jelly-like disc from the front and back of the vertebra, an abnormality arises in it, the symptoms caused by this are further explained –

    • There should always be a feeling of heaviness in the waist.
    • Persistence of stiffness in the waist even without much physical exertion.
    • Pain unbearably aggravated by certain physical activities.
    • Sudden aggravation of pain even after a short walk.
    • Feeling weak in the back muscles.
    • Burning or numbness, or tingling, sometimes accompanied by sudden pain.
    • Feeling like pricking a needle when the problem gets worse, which is a very painful feeling.

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    Panacea treatment of slip disc:

    After knowing the symptoms, now we will know the panacea treatment of slip disc (Slip Disc Ka Rambaan Ilaaj) by Ayurveda medical method – As you were told earlier that by us, for the last 8 years, serious slip disc patients who have been told surgery in modern medicine. But after taking Ayurveda treatment for only 15-20 days with us, patients are getting completely cured.

    In this very painful problem, in Ayurveda medicine, treatment is done keeping in mind the Vata dosha, in which different types of Vata are identified and treated. Let us tell you that if the type of vata dosha aggravated in the body of the patient is properly identified, then its treatment can be done very easily. Because pitta dosha predominates in a patient along with vata, while kapha dosha predominates in a patient, in such a situation, slip disc can be cured in a short time if treatment is given keeping in mind the present doshas. Mahayograj Guggul, Lakshadi Guggul, Joint Stamina Capsule, Vatkulantak, Sutshekhar Ras, Ashwagandha Churna, Maharashnadi Kadha, Dashmool Kadha, etc. should be given to the patient with proper dosage by selecting the right quantity as a panacea for slip disc in Ayurveda. So there is instant profit.

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    Precautions to be taken in slip disc:

    People who have had a slip disc or if you feel that you are matching with the symptoms mentioned above, then especially follow the precautions that are going to be told, so that your problem will not take a more formidable form.

    • Food items that aggravate Vata dosha should be avoided.
    • Dry food increases vata dosha, in this case, consume plenty of ghee. Only that person can consume ghee, who regularly exercises half of his physical strength, otherwise he should consume ghee in less quantity.
    • Take special care of the time of eating. Because Kaal Bhojanam has special importance. Keep in mind that if there is too much gap in the food, the vata gets aggravated.
    • Avoid eating fried food.
    • You will be benefited by giving up the dishes made of gram flour, flour.
    • If your daily work is to spend a lot of time in the chair, then it would be advisable to take the support of some pillows to support your back.
    • It is wise to prop yourself up with a pillow under your top knee when you are on your side while sleeping.
    • While lying down and getting up, get up only with the help of hands so that there is no pressure on your spine.

    It is worth noting that if you have any spine related problem then you should protect Venus. Because in case of any kind of spine related problem, physical strength starts to decay, in such a situation, if you have sex, then due to extra pressure on your spine, the problem of your slip disc will increase.

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    What to eat in Slip Disc?

    Next, we will tell you what slip disc patients should eat so that they can get relief from the disease –

    Such patients should avoid eating rich food. At the same time, sour food should be avoided because sourness aggravates Vata more. Zucchini, Lauki, Spinach, Tinde, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin, Grapes, Papaya, If gas is not produced, then consume apple, fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

    What not to eat in slipped disc:-

    • Consumption of any type of dish should be avoided.
    • If you eat more food during the day, then eat less. Don't consume sour at all. Consumption of lentils should be avoided. It is beneficial for the slip disc patient to give up the pickle completely.

    To sum it up, this article is like a helpful handbook on dealing with slip disc using Ayurvedic methods. It talks about the pain symptoms, the Ayurvedic treatments, and what precautions to take. 'Guide of Life' is mentioned for more health tips. The stories of people getting better with Ayurvedic medicines give hope. The article also gives practical tips on things to avoid and what to eat. For more health advice, you can keep up with Guide of Life for the latest on Ayurveda and natural solutions.

    Questions and Answers (FAQs)

    Q1: Can a slipped disc be completely cured?
    Ans: Yes! After curing thousands of patients of slip disc, we can completely say that slip disc is completely cured without operation in a very short time.

    Q2: Is slip disc operation the only treatment?
    Ans: No! It is not like this at all, with the help of Ayurveda, Panchakarma, natural treatment, it is completely cured even without operation.

    Q3: Yoga gives relief in slip disc?
    Ans: Yes! With the help of yogasanas, the flexible power of the spine remains, due to which the pain of slip disc is relieved. But keep in mind that the practice of yogasanas will be beneficial only if it is regular, otherwise you think that after doing it for a few days, you should leave it, by doing this you can get rest for a few days only.

    Q4: Is the panacea treatment of slip disc possible in Ayurveda?
    Ans: Yes ! Absolutely panacea treatment of slip disc is possible in Ayurveda, but when this happens then you will have to follow the diet completely with honesty.

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