How to Cure Knee Pain with Ayurvedic Home Remedies

    How to Cure Knee Pain with Ayurvedic Home Remedies

    Knee pain is becoming a big problem these days. Earlier, there used to be a problem of knee pain after one age, but now the problem of knee pain is being found in abundance even in young people.

    In such a situation, today in this article, we will tell you the best Ayurvedic home remedies to get relief from knee pain in people of younger age and older age group, using which you can get relief from knee pain very easily!

    Ayurvedic Remedy for knee pain:

    Many of you must have tried many grandmother's home remedies for knee pain, but the tips that we will tell today, we have tried on many of our patients.

    First of all, before trying any tips, it should be decided that what is the cause of knee pain, after that if you use the tips then you will get immediate benefit.

    Mud therapy:

    The biggest advantage of mud therapy is that if you have knee pain, whether it is due to increased uric acid or arthritis or muscle pain, these tips provide relief from all pains. Take out the soil around it and filter it, after that leave it overnight in an earthen vessel, make a paste with hot water in the morning, apply a paste on the painful area and leave it for 40 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water, you will see only a few Day's use will give relief from pain in your knees.

    Consuming Ashwagandha gives relief from knee pain

    Ashwagandha works as an excellent pain management because the presence of Withania in Ashwagandha proves it to be an excellent pain reliever. Taking one teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder with milk at night gives relief in knee pain.

    Devil's claw

    Devil's claw can prove to be an effective herb in all types of pain in the body. Because devil's claw is a herb rich in calcium and it has been observed that calcium deficiency is the cause of most knee pain. This can prove to be a good Ayurvedic remedy.

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    Wild Chives

    Wild onion oil is an excellent remedy for pain relief. For this, you have to clean and crush the wild onion well, after that take eight times the amount of sesame oil and cook it on a low flame till the sizzle of the water ends. Store this oil in a bottle and massage it on your knees every morning and evening to get relief from pain.

    Camphor gives relief from knee pain

    If you are troubled by knee pain, then camphor can prove to be very beneficial for you. For this, mix camphor inside the soil and apply the paste or boil garlic and kalonji in sesame oil and put camphor in it. When it cools down, store it in a glass bottle. This oil will give you relief from chronic knee pain.

    Mother turmeric

    Boiling mother turmeric in milk and drinking it relieves pain in the knees, as well as consuming it gives relief from all kinds of pain in the body. Along with this, this remedy also proves beneficial for increasing immunity.

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