Natural Ways to Heal Dysentery: A Guide to Causes, Symptoms and Diet

    Natural Ways to Heal Dysentery: A Guide to Causes, Symptoms and Diet

    Pechish is primarily an Urdu word. Dysentery is known by the names Pravahika, Aam Aana, Raktatisar, Dysentery etc. It is mainly a disease of the digestive system. Due to prolonged constipation and poor digestive system, the large intestines get injured. Blood starts leaking from the injured intestines, which comes out along with mangoes during bowel movement. Its infection is caused by bacteria and parasites that are present in contaminated food items.

    Types of dysentery

    1. Bacterial dysentery:-

    Bacterial dysentery is an intestinal infection caused by Shigella bacteria. It is mainly caused by uncooked foods at roadside shops. Diarrhea caused by such foods is called Shigellasis.

    2. Amoebic dysentery:-

    It is also known as amebiasis. Due to its effect, the intestine gets infected. A group of Amoeba peralitis together forms a cyst. It spreads rapidly in the contaminated area.

    Cause of dysentery:

    The main cause of dysentery is continuous consumption of contaminated water and food. Food that has been contaminated by any means, such as contact with human excreta, touching food by an infected person without cleaning hands, bathing in infected water, coming in contact with an infected person, smoking, regular and excessive consumption of alcohol, etc.

    Symptoms of dysentery

    Its symptoms can be both less and more, mild abdominal pain, feeling like abdominal cramps, diarrhea, feeling uncomfortable in digesting substances made from milk, which is called lactose intolerance, this problem persists for a long time.

    • Severe abdominal pain, fever, nausea, vomiting etc.
    • Abdominal pain accompanied by blood diarrhoea, chills, watery stools along with loose stools, feeling of pain during defecation etc.

    What is the treatment or cure for dysentery?

    Treatment with naturopathy

    • Fast for 5-7 days as soon as the disease is known. Cleanse the stomach every morning by taking an enema of lukewarm water.
    • Use lukewarm water for drinking regularly.
    • After fasting for 5-7 days, stay on fruit juices and boiled vegetables until the production of mango stops.
    • After the production of mango stops, start taking fresh cow's whey and increase the quantity continuously, take 500-500 ml 4 times a day.
    • Keep a wet clay strip on the pelvis for 30-30 minutes in the morning and evening.
    • At the time of stomach cramps and pain, apply hot compress on the stomach for 10 minutes and then apply cold bandage for half a minute.
    • After giving steam on the pelvis, take a bath in the morning and evening.
    • Sleep by wrapping a wet sheet on the waist at night.
    • If there is burning sensation in the intestines, soak 10 grams of isabgol in water and take it.
    • Practice subtle exercises and pranayama regularly with the advice of a naturopath.


    Whey, goat's milk, ripe banana, pulp of vine, old jaggery, seasonal fruits and vegetables etc.

    Ayurveda Ideal Medicine

    Bilajil Avleh, Bilwadi Gutika, Dysentery tab.etc are used in Ayurveda medicine.

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