What is Asthma and How to Treat it with Natural Methods

    What is Asthma and How to Treat it with Natural Methods

    At present, due to increasing environmental pollution, respiratory problems are becoming very serious, among which the most prevalent problem is asthma due to allergies .

    In the beginning, there is a problem of mild breathlessness during weather change. Whatever we keep ignoring gradually increases and takes the form of asthma.

    Causes of Asthma:

    • Air pollution is the cause of asthma: Asthma is a problem in breathing mainly due to swelling in the respiratory tract due to pollution, which is related to our lungs. When we spend a long time in a polluted environment, those polluted particles keep collecting in our lungs along with our breath. The presence of these accumulated polluted particles gradually causes swelling in our respiratory system or in other words, our respiratory tract. Due to which we start having trouble breathing.
    • Smoking also increases the chances of getting asthma.
    • Consuming alcohol has adverse effects on our liver which becomes a major cause of asthma.
    • Wrong determination of your diet also causes asthma. Not choosing food according to seasons is a major cause of asthma.
    • Excessive consumption of medicines also causes asthma.
    • Staying away from the environment is a major cause of asthma.
    • At present, man seems to be running away from nature, as a result of which diseases like asthma are increasing.
    • The possibility of developing asthma is also higher due to genetic reasons. If there is a history of asthma patients in someone's family, then the chances of their child having asthma remains higher.
    • Physical exertion done in the wrong way also becomes the cause of asthma.
    • Exercising or practicing yoga without the supervision of an instructor can also cause asthma. Therefore, before doing any kind of physical work, it is safer to practice under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

    Symptoms of Asthma:

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Feeling suffocated while breathing
    • Repeatedly trying to take a long or upward breath
    • Feel difficulty breathing
    • Feeling of chest pain while breathing
    • Increased discomfort when coughing with or without mucus
    • The problem of asthma increases due to allergies during the time of change in temperature.
    • A feeling of heaviness during the day when the weather is cold and the need to exert effort in breathing.
    • Wheezing sound or hissing sound while breathing can be a symptom.

    Prevention to Asthma:

    Asthma is a serious problem caused by allergy, which seems to be taking a severe form in the present times.

    To stay safe from asthma, first of all it is very important to make your daily routine balanced. The more civilized your daily routine is, the more distance you will get from asthma. To stay safe from asthma, practicing yoga regularly can prove to be very beneficial. Taking lukewarm water in the morning proves useful in preventing asthma. Cold beverages should be consumed keeping the season in mind.

    Diet For Asthma:

    • Asthma patients should consume Vitamin C in abundance. Because Vitamin C helps in increasing our immunity. When our immunity becomes weak, we keep falling prey to some disease again and again. Therefore, consumption of Vitamin C is very beneficial for asthma patients. Consuming green coriander, amla, cherry, lemon, American nuts, orange, moshmi, kiwi, tamarind, siabuckthorn etc. provides you ample amount of Vitamin C.
    • Beta-carotene: Consuming fruits and vegetables containing beta carotene is very beneficial for asthma patients, hence asthma patients should include beta carotene rich foods like capsicum, green chillies, carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, mountain potatoes. Should be consumed in abundance.
    • Sucking cinnamon in the mouth provides relief in asthma because the nature of cinnamon is hot which helps in drying up the phlegm and reducing the swelling in the respiratory tract. Licking cinnamon powder with honey also provides relief in asthma.
    • Chewing two basil leaves and a little ginger in the morning provides relief from asthma.
    • An asthma patient should not eat dinner.
    • Turmeric milk proves to be extremely beneficial in asthma.
    • Garlic should be used extensively in asthma. Garlic, being hot in nature, gives very beneficial results in eliminating phlegm.
    • Asthma patients should include hot spices in their diet.

    Home Remedies For Asthma:

    • Asthma patients, by chewing 5 black peppers with hot milk before sleeping at night and consuming the remaining milk on top of it, get relief from the swelling in the respiratory tract and do not have difficulty in breathing.
    • Add 25 grams of drumstick leaves, 2 cloves of garlic, about 25-30 seeds of nigella, one inch piece of ginger in a glass of water (about 200 ml) and boil well. When one-fourth is left, filter it and mix it with a pinch of rock salt and half a spoon of honey and consume it to get relief from asthma.
    • By putting the leaves of Safeda plant in water and inhaling its steam, blocked nose can be easily cleared.
    • Asthma patients put two to four drops of cow's ghee, mustard oil or sesame oil in both their nostrils before sleeping at night and get relief from the swelling in the respiratory tract within a short time.
    • Chewing 1 Dambel leaf every morning provides relief from asthma.

    Ayurveda Medicine for Asthma:

    • Bronchiectasis
    • Breathing kaas chintamani rasa
    • kafketu juice
    • Chandramrit Ras
    • Midwife iron
    • mica ash
    • brahmi ghee
    • spring blossom juice
    • eladi vati
    • Casa Keshari
    • Wasa Awaleh
    • Kantakari Awaleh
    • Gojiwadi Kadha
    • trikatu powder
    • sitofaladi powder
    • Talisadi Churna
    • chopchinyadi powder
    • Sunthi Ghee
    • Dashmool decoction

    Panchkarma for Asthma:

    1. Benefits of Nasya in Asthma

    Shadbindu or Anu oil is put into the nose to remove the phlegm accumulated in the nostrils, which plays a role in expelling the phlegm accumulated in the nasal region. After the phlegm accumulated in the nasal region gets removed, breathing becomes easier.

    2. Benefits of Shirodhara in asthma

    Through Shirodhara, the accumulated phlegm in the entire brain melts and gets released easily, which also provides relief from the heaviness in the head due to the accumulated phlegm.

    3. Benefits of swedana in asthma

    By taking a steam bath of the entire body, the toxic substances are removed from the body of the patient. Due to which the immunity of the patient starts increasing. Due to which the patient gets relief from asthma easily.

    Yoga for Asthma:

    • Suptavajrasana
    • Surya Namaskar
    • Sarvangasana
    • Shirshasana
    • Bhujangasana
    • Dhanurasana
    • Paschimottanasana
    • Uttanapadasana
    • Anulom-Vilom
    • Bhramari
    • Skulllike
    • Nadi Shodhan
    • Suryabhedi Pranayam


    Asthma is a serious health issue caused by things in the environment and allergies. To handle it, you need to know what causes it, the signs to look out for, and how to prevent it. While natural remedies and Ayurvedic treatments can help, it's crucial to consult a doctor for proper care. Your health should come first, so get advice from an expert and take a comprehensive approach to manage asthma for a better and healthier life. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

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