What is Kapalbhati and How Does It Help You?

    What is Kapalbhati and How Does It Help You?

    According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Kapalbhati has been included in the six activities of Shatkarma, through which foreign substances accumulated inside the body are removed. In relation to Kapalbhati, many people propagate that Kapalbhati is Pranayama. While the truth is that Kapalbhati is an important activity of Shatkarma of body purification (purification).

    The literal meaning of Kapalbhati is skull. The upper part of our head is called skull and the meaning of Bhati is derived from light.

    Kapalbhati has been considered the best process to stay healthy. It proves beneficial in all kinds of diseases like nectar. It will not be an exaggeration to call Kapalbhati the Amrita of Yoga, because just as Giloy is known as Amrita in Ayurveda, because Giloy is beneficial in all diseases, similarly Kapalbhati is also the Amrita of Yoga, being beneficial in all diseases.

    Correct way to do Kapalbhati:

    Sitting in Padmasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana, take a long deep breath and exhale. Slowly keep speeding up the process of exhaling, as well as the most important thing to keep in mind is that while inhaling, the stomach is outside and while exhaling, the stomach is inside. Take one third of the laxative time as compared to purak, the breath should be released so fast or quickly that their number increases up to 120 in 1 minute. While inhaling and exhaling only the abdominal muscles should move.

    Rest any kind of movement on the chest and shoulders has to be controlled. Keep practicing long breaths in between. Increase the time gradually.

    Advantages / Benefits of Kapalbhati:

    • The practice of Kapalbhati cleans the skull, nostrils and all other parts of the respiratory system.
    • Due to getting more pranavayu in the body, one gets freedom from foreign substances.
    • Regular practice of Kapalbhati massages the abdominal muscles and related organs well, as a result of which it is possible to get rid of many diseases related to stomach, diabetes, PCOD. Along with this, problems like constipation, acidity can be relieved by improving the digestive system.
    • Regular practice of this cleans the respiratory tract and brain properly, which gives miraculous results in respiratory diseases, cough, eye diseases etc.
    • Due to applying more power in its practice, due to perspiration in the whole body, due to the opening of the pores, foreign substances come out through the skin. As a result, skin diseases are also beneficial.
    • Its regular practice helps in reducing weight by burning calories.
    • Regular practice of Kapalbhati improves blood circulation in the body due to which the face becomes radiant.

    Things to keep in mind in Kapalbhati:

    Patients with high blood pressure, epileptic seizures, spinal problems, hernia, after any type of surgery, etc. should practice Kapalbhati under the supervision of a naturopath or yoga instructor. The practice of Kapalbhati is prohibited for three months after any type of surgery.

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