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Organic Coconut Oil Bottle - Cold Pressed | Unrefined | 500ml - Srisritattva

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₹ 650
The term “Organic’ refers to the produce that is grown without the use of Pesticides, Synthetic Fertilisers or Genetically Modified Organisms. In ancient times, the products were grown and harvested in a chemical-free environment, which was safe and nutritious. The last few decades saw the gradual increase of farming, which used chemical treatments which are hazardous to human health and the environment. Sri Sri Tattva is committed to bring you the quality of food that you deserve. Our products are sourced from certified organic farms. They are cleaned and packed in the most hygienic conditions in food-grade packaging. Bring home Sri Sri Tattva for a healthy life. Benefits of using Organic Products:- • Keeps the soil fertile for multiple harvests. • Prevents water contamination, as there are no residual chemical pollutants in the earth. • Gives wholesome natural taste in all the produce grown. How to Use:- • Disclaimer: Read the label carefully before use. Net Weight:- 500ml

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