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Rose Mist, 100ml by Shankara - Srisritattva

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₹ 1080
Shankara’s Rose Facial Mist is an aromatic bliss that celebrates the healing properties of roses. The mist is crafted to perfection with the highest quality roses from India. Each spritz of the mist helps de-stress, combat dryness, tone the skin, calm sensitive skin & relax the mind. It is ideal for preparing the skin before a skincare regime. Benefits - Natural hydration & cooling for the face Rejuvenated skin with cell regeneration Relieves stress, anxiety & depression Long-lasting aroma Restores density and gives a radiant glow How to Use - Step 01 Wash your face with a gentle Shankara Face Cleanser Step 02 Spritz the mist onto the face and neck Include in AM & PM routine before applying serum and moisturizer for best results. One can spray the mist over makeup & reapply as required.

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