10 + Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya for a Cultural Experience

    10 + Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya for a Cultural Experience

    Ayodhya, a very old and holy city in India, is also among the best places to visit in December for a Fun Winter Trip. People believe that Lord Rama, who is a god, was born here. Ayodhya is a special place for people who follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. There are many places in Ayodhya that show the culture and religion of the city. Here are some of the best places to visit in Ayodhya:

    10 + Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya

    Check out the best places to visit in Ayodhya! We've got a list of over 10 awesome spots for you to visit. From old temples to nice parks, there's a lot of cool stuff to see in this great city.

    1. Ram Janmabhoomi Temple:
    Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

    Ram Janmabhoomi Temple is considered one of the Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya, as it is the most important place in the city; this is where Lord Rama was born. People are building a big temple here, because they want to worship Lord Rama.Great news for everyone! The new Ayodhya Ram Mandir might be ready by January 24, 2024. It's a big deal for those who've been waiting for it. Let's look forward to the special day when it opens!

    Key Features: People visit here for religious reasons and because it's culturally significant.

    Best Time to Visit: Anytime during the year, but it gets extra lively during festivals like Ram Navami.

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    2. Hanuman Garhi:
    Hanuman Garhi

    This is a temple for Lord Hanuman, who is a monkey god and a friend of Lord Rama. The temple is on a hill, and you have to climb 76 steps to reach it. There is a statue of Hanuman holding a mountain inside the temple. You can also see the city and the river from the temple.

    Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late evening for a peaceful experience.

    Additional Information: Tuesdays are special days with more prayers.

    3. Kanak Bhawan:
    Kanak Bhawan

    This is a temple that was given to Goddess Sita, who is the wife of Lord Rama, by her motherinlaw. The temple is also called SonekaGhar, which means the house of gold, because it has many things made of gold. The temple is very popular when people celebrate Ram Navami and Diwali, which are festivals for Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.

    Best Time to Visit: Morning or early afternoon to enjoy the colorful paintings.

    Additional Information: Check if taking pictures inside is allowed.

    4. Nageshwarnath Temple:
    Nageshwarnath Temple

    This is a temple for Lord Shiva, who is another god and the lord of snakes. The temple was built by Kush, who is the son of Lord Rama. Kush lost his bracelet in the river, and found it with a snake. The snake was a follower of Lord Shiva, and had made a small temple for him. Kush liked the snake's love for Lord Shiva, and decided to make a big temple for Lord Shiva at the same place. The temple is one of the oldest temples in Ayodhya, and it has a different style and design.

    Best Time to Visit: Mornings or during Shivratri for special prayers.

    Additional Information: It's a place that shows Ayodhya's rich history and culture.

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    5. Treta Ke Thakur
    Treta Ke Thakur

    This temple in Ayodhya is where Lord Rama did a special ceremony after a long journey. Inside, you'll see black stone statues of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman. People love visiting this place—it's considered one of the best spots in Ayodhya. Locally, they call it Kaleram Ka Mandir because of the black color of the statues.

    Best Time to Visit: Sunrise or sunset for a calm feeling.

    Additional Information: You can spend time here quietly throughout the day.

    6. Guptar Ghat:
    Guptar Ghat

    This is a place where Lord Rama left the world by going into the water. The place also has a temple for Lord Rama, and a footprint of Lord Rama on a stone. The place is very calm and nice, and you can enjoy the view of the river and the sky.

    Best Time to Visit: Early in the morning or during festivals when there's a lot of energy and celebration.

    Additional Information: It can be busy during special events, but it's always a peaceful spot by the river.

    7. Gulab Bari:
    Gulab Bari

    This is a place where Nawab ShujaudDaula, who was a king of Awadh, is buried. The place, considered one of the Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya, is surrounded by a garden of roses, so it is called Gulab Bari, which means the garden of roses. The place is a good example of Mughal architecture, which is a style of building that was used by Muslim kings. The place also has a mosque and a museum, where you can see the things that belonged to the king.

    Best Time to Visit: Spring is the best time when the roses are blooming and the garden looks its best.

    Additional Information: It's not just about history; it's a mix of nature and beautiful architecture.

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    8. Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara:
    Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara

    This is one of the Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya, where the wife of Nawab ShujaudDaula, Bahu Begum, is buried. She was very beautiful and good. She was very beautiful and good. The place is also called Taj Mahal of the East, because it looks like the famous Taj Mahal in Agra. The place is made of white marble, and has a big tower. The place also has a garden and a pond, and it is a popular place for tourists in Ayodhya.

    Best Time to Visit: It's nice to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon when it's calm.

    Additional Information: It's not just a tomb; it's like a piece of history with beautiful art and a calm environment.

    9. Swarg Dwar:
    Swarg Dwar

    This is a place where Lord Rama went into the water to leave the world. The place also has a temple for Lord Rama, and a mark of Lord Rama's foot on a stone. The place is very quiet and nice, and you can see the river and the sky. Swarg Dwar is also a place where people burn the dead bodies and pray for them. It is near the sea, and not far from a big temple in Puri. People believe that by burning the dead bodies here, they will go to heaven and be free from pain.

    Best Time to Visit: Sunset gives a great view.

    Additional Information: People often come here for the cultural and spiritual vibes.

    10. Bharat Kund:
    Bharat Kund

    This is a village and a holy place in Ayodhya, also known as Nandigram. It holds a special place among the Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya. When Lord Rama was away from home, King Bharat ruled from here instead of Ayodhya. He brought 27 different waters from different places to make Lord Rama the king. He poured half of the waters in a well in Chitrakoot, and the other half in a well in Bharat Kund. This old well is still there, and people think it is very sacred.

    Best Time to Visit: Anytime during the day, but mornings are extra peaceful.

    Additional Information: The pond is surrounded by greenery, making it a really peaceful spot.

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    11.  Kala Ram Temple:
    Kala Ram Temple

    This is a temple in Nashik for Lord Rama. It is in a place called Panchavati. The temple is named after a black statue of Rama. The temple also has black statues of Sita and Lakshmana, who are the wife and brother of Rama. The statues are made of black stone and have gold and silver jewellery. The temple is very old and has a lot of gold on the top. The temple was also a place where Dalits fought for their rights. Dalits are people who are treated badly by others. B. R. Ambedkar was a leader of Dalits, and he protested outside the temple on 2 March 1930, to let Dalits enter the temple.

    Best Time to Visit: Morning or early evening for a calm atmosphere.

    Additional Information: They do special prayers during major Hindu festivals.

    12.  Ramkatha Park:
    Ramkatha Park

    This is a beautiful park near the river in Ayodhya, recognized as one of the Best Places to Visit in Ayodhya. It is a place where people sing, dance, act, and tell stories about Lord Rama. It also gives a chance to new artists to show their talent. The park is a fun place for people of all ages who want to enjoy and learn about Lord Rama. Ramkatha Park is getting a new look and will be soon called Queen Heo Hwangok Memorial Park after a Korean queen who came from India. It is said that the Korean queen was born as Princess Suriratna of Ayodhya, daughter of King Padmasen. Suriratna went to Korea from Ayodhya and married Kim Suro, king of a place in Korea. The memorial place was made in 2001 after India and Korea agreed to make Gimhae and Ayodhya as sister cities.

    Best Time to Visit: Late afternoon when the sculptures are well-lit.

    Additional Information: The park is like an outdoor art gallery and has a lot of interesting information.

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    Ayodhya is like a magical storybook with ancient tales and a special feeling. We visited cool places like Ram Janmabhoomi Temple and Swarg Dwar, feeling the devotion in the air. As the sun went down at Bharat Kund and the peaceful Ramkatha Park, Ayodhya, known as one of the best places to visit in Ayodhya, showed us its rich culture.  Places like Hanuman Garhi and Gulab Bari were like time machines, taking us back in history. Ayodhya proudly represents India's strong spiritual vibes. Whether you seek peace or love history, Ayodhya is a must-visit, and for a personalized journey through India's wonders, just connect with Guide of Life. Happy and awesome travels ahead!

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