What Is Ayurveda | Treatment, Massage, and Diet Exercise

    What Is Ayurveda | Treatment, Massage, and Diet Exercise

    When the question crops, 'what is Ayurveda, one should know that it is "the science of life." Before learning what is Ayurveda, let us learn from where Ayurveda was born. It was established between the 6th century BC to 7th century BC also known as the Samita period. 

    During the phase, many scientists did considerable research on ayurvedic remedies for several diseases. 

    Ayurveda comes from Atharva Veda, which mentions several diseases with its cure. Ayurveda, by its unique art and scientific process, harmonizes the internal and external world. Air, water, fire, earth, and ether are the five main components present and functional in everybody and everything. 

    Hence what is Ayurveda could be answered to be a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Hence, Its main motive is to promote good health and wellness.

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    What is Ayurveda (Ayurvedic) Motive?

    Purifying the body, internally as well as externally, is a crisp answer to what is Ayurveda's motive. It consists of meditation, yoga, a specialized diet, herbal remedies, and massage therapy. Moreover, treatment focuses on balancing the Doshas of the human body. 

    Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha are three doshas whose presence depends upon different individuals.

    Ayurveda focuses upon balancing doshas as it believes that an imbalance of doshas could generate illness in the human body.

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    Vatta (the energy of movement)

    Vata plays a vital role in processing motion for the body and health. Vata brings bodily changes during the fall and change of season.

    Pitta ( the energy of digestion and metabolism)

    Pitta is known for its qualities of fire. People with high Pitta Dosha have warm bodies, strong ideas, and sharp minds. Robust metabolism, digestion, and appetites are prominent features of those with high Pitta. Accordingly, these people like to have plenty of food and liquids and love hot spices and cold drinks.

    Kapha (the energy of lubrication)

    Kapha helps people to stay calm, tolerant, and forgiving; Nevertheless, they may become lethargic. Kapha blesses people with strength, endurance, and stamina. High Kapha attracts diseases connected to the water as flu, sinus, and other diseases.

    Ultimately, an ayurvedic doctor would treat the patient according to the doshas on which he/she has to balance. They will observe the physical and emotional makeup of an individual and then would balance doshas. 

    An ayurvedic practitioner would also observe tongue, nails, eyes, lips, and skin to find hidden clues behind disbalance. After that practitioner would make a chart of the way, one's Dosha would balance.

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    What is Ayurveda's Treatment?

    After accessing entirely, an Ayurvedic practitioner makes a treatment plan for an individual. This plan could consist of yoga, meditation, herbs, diet, and massage.

    Diet:-Ayurvedic diet refers to having meals according to ayurvedic medicines. It restricts and adds meals into one's diet chart according to the imbalance of Dosha. This diet certainly helps an individual to move towards wellness from illness.

    Yoga:- Yoga and Ayurveda work together to bring balance to your life. They connect your mind, body, and surroundings, promoting harmony and happiness. Learn how Ayurveda and Yoga can help you overcome depression and unite your awareness of the world around you.

    Herbal medicines:- Nature is the best medicine that one could get for any disease. Phytomedicine or phytotherapy are plant-based medicines. 'WHO' states that above 80% of South Asia and Africa's population uses plant-based medicines. 

    Thereupon, Ayurvedic medicines are the best cure for every disease as they focus on curing the disease of the root.

    Massage:- Ayurvedic oil is being used for giving massage to a particular area. It is scientifically proven that massage helps in relaxing the body and decreases stress. It is also helpful in increasing blood circulation. As a result, oil massage could rejuvenate your mind and body.

    Meditation:-When we meditate, we invite long-lasting benefits in our lives. Notably, it increases focus, reduces stress, and increases connectivity to our inner self.

    So, Ayurvedic treatments cover all sorts of aches, even offering specific ayurvedic treatments for Fatty Liver. It's a blessing for everyone and everything.

    Why Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda is more than medicine; it's a lifestyle that brings goodness and positivity. By connecting with nature, we feel its liveliness. Incorporate Ayurvedic practices, along with lifestyle tips for a balanced life, and experience life-altering benefits.

    • Need healthy and glowing skin? Start using ayurvedic products that would naturally help to meet your skin goal.
    • Having a balanced diet would help you to maintain your body healthily.
    • Growing lifestyles have created chaos in lives, but by meditating, one could reduce stress and bring mindfulness into life.
    • Practicing yoga would help one to feel energetic and lively every day.
    • Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects on the body; one can take them without any threat.

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    Myths about Ayurvedic Treatment

    Here are some myths regarding ayurvedic treatment:

    •  People think that Ayurveda takes a long time, well that's not true. Ayurveda removes disease from the root. Thus it needs a proper way in which one follows its treatment.
    • "Ayurveda only treats limited diseases," oh no! It has its wide range, which includes a cure to almost every disease.
    • "Ayurvedic treatment strictly suggests to be vegetarian," nope! one could have no vegetarian diet as well as suggested by the ayurvedic practitioner.

    Henceforth, Ayurveda in itself is a blessing for every disease. Find your Dosha and start practicing these excellent treatments of Ayurveda. For more guidance, follow Guide of Life Blogs.

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