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Odonil Blocks 72g Jasmine Mist - Dabur

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There are multiple ways for cleaning your bathrooms- Phenyl mopping, buckets of water, toilet cleaner and the occasional swipe of acid. Along with this the latest fittings and new sanitary wares makes... your bathrooms look good too. But do they smell as good as they look? If your answer to the above questions is no, then Odonil Bathroom Air Freshener is the answer to your question. With its special odour-busters it removes mal-odours and keeps your bathrooms fresh and fragrant.This variant lifts moods with the fun-loving yet timeless aroma of Jasmine as it cascades in a floral mist around your home.Odonil Bathroom Freshner Blocks are now available in various fragrances like Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Orchid and also available in various sizes as well.  Read More..

Home Care



shelf life: 1110 Days Type: Home Care Weight: 72gm Brand: Odonil Air Freshner


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