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Odonil Gel 75gm Rose - Dabur

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There are multiple ways in which you keep your bedrooms fragrant - by using Phenyl essence sticks, oil diffusers etc. But do they smell good enough or do they make your home smell like a temple or hos...pital or a hotel lobby? If you can relate to the above, then Odonil room freshening Gelz can help solve your problem . It comes with a fragrance control mechanism to calibrate the amount of fragrance and keeps your rooms fresh and fragrant. This Rose Dreams Variant fills the air with the enchanting and enigmatic aroma of rose petals.Odonil Gelz are now available in various fragrances like Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Citrus, Strawberry & Passion Fruit .  Read More..

Home Care



shelf life: 720 Days Type: Home Care Weight: 75gm Brand: Odonil Gel


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